Former NBA player Tim McCormick Teams Up with Checkmate Associates


DETROIT, February 02, 2009 – Former NBA player, Tim McCormick, has teamed up with Checkmate Associates President, Debbie Scartozzi, and together they are leading companies through a business optimization boot camp, leveraging a customized Marketing Playbook that is designed to create focus, reach the right clients and teach the secrets of success in today’s market.

Combining Scartozzi’s 28 years of marketing expertise, resulting in the “Playbook” development, and McCormicks, “Never Be Average” (N.B.A.) motivational training program, the team is taking businesses through a boot camp that creates consistent customer touch points, and methods to expand clientele and gain exposure.

“We offer a unique balance of creativity, strategy and action steps that are time based and result driven,” said Scartozzi. “Our clients have refreshed vision, a focused approach and an executable marketing play-book, not just ideas.”

The 14-week boot camp includes: an initial research phase, in-depth target client profiling, client-specific goal development, bi-weekly strategic planning meetings, and implementation. Much like a NBA team, top companies need to assess, plan, execute and manage a focused strategy. By leveraging the Checkmate Associates’ Playbook, companies will create a solid marketing plan that engages both employees and clients.

“Hope is not a plan,” said Mike Messina, account executive, Avent. “This program is not a one-time shot, it changes the way you approach business development.”

According to Scartozzi, “In today’s economy, it is easy for companies to shy away from marketing. Now, more than ever, you can’t be invisible; companies can’t neglect connecting with the marketplace. Our boot camp is a combination of marketing and best practices, combined with the tools, strategies and planning to assess the specific needs of each business and its ideal client.

In addition to providing marketing services to companies throughout the area, Scartozzi and McCormick will offer a combined program focused on the fundamentals of long-term personal and business success.

For more information on developing a marketing “Playbook” for your business, contact: Patti Evans 248-568-1779. To learn more about Checkmate Associates, please visit

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