Former GM Stamping Plant Site Reborn as Site36


t WYOMING — Economic development agency The Right Place, the City of Wyoming and developer Lormax Stern have announced that the former GM stamping plant on 36th Street in Wyoming will now be marketed as Site36. The identity and marketing campaign were announced by all three development partners at a news conference held on Wednesday at the Wyoming Public Library.

t“General Motors was an outstanding employer in this community for 73 years, providing thousands of jobs for the community. Now it is time to set the stage for the next generation of that site. The next generation of “The former 36th Street GM Stamping Plant” is now Site36,” said Birgit Klohs, President and CEO, The Right Place, Inc. “In marketing this site we are marketing a vision. A vision for what this site could be for a company. And a vision for what this site could be for the City of Wyoming.”

tAs part of her announcement, Klohs provided an overview of the development’s website, as well as a marketing video. Those assets, along with a printed brochure, lead generation efforts, public relations, advertising and direct mail will comprise the primary marketing elements for Site36.

tThe primary goal is to secure one or two major manufacturers, ideally Fortune 100-type companies.

tMarketing this site will require just as much relationship cultivation and management than any other component of the plan.

t“This is a long-term plan," said Klohs. "Finding the next user for this site will require hard work and dedication from this entire team.”

tAnother business development asset Site36 will have at its disposal is the new inter-local corporation, the West Michigan Economic Development Partnership, which permits local units of government to market and promote the development of land served by two or more modes of transportation. One of the primary advantages of this endeavor is that it allows local units of government to approve incentives such as renaissance zones, tax increment financing, and tax abatements. The West Michigan Economic Development Partnership is a cooperative of several municipalities within Kent and Muskegon Counties and is sanctioned by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Next Michigan initiative.

t"Next Michigan is another great tool for our toolbox and a great example of the concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its part," said Wyoming’s City Manager Curtis Holt. “The City of Wyoming has long been a proponent of developing meaningful partnerships that allow us to maximize resources. This partnership, in combination with innovative legislation like Next Michigan, will allow us to be successful in our mission to bring quality jobs to Site36.”

tAt today’s event Jason Horton from site developer Lormax Stern noted that the company is facilitating the complete restoration as a virtual Greenfield development site. When ready for development, the site will be pre-approved by all environmental and governmental agencies, enabling a fast-track process for construction.

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