Former GM Executives Launch New Motor Advisors as Green Bridge to Detroit Experience


DETROIT, Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — It may seem counterintuitive that from the remains of HUMMER’s product development activity a new economy consulting group would emerge…but that is just what happened. New Motor Advisors (a Michigan-based LLC; will help link OEMs, suppliers, fleets, governmental agencies, M&A advisors and especially start-ups to over 200 years of experience in automotive product and technology development. It is yet another example of former Detroit 3 executives finding opportunity on the automotive industry’s new frontiers.

Start-ups continue to emerge, especially deploying green technologies. The new team is available to provide leadership assistance to newcomers to automotive or supplement the product development and program management capacity of existing OEMs or suppliers. Fleet managers are also potential clients as they evaluate new technologies during fleet planning and purchasing.

Founder and President, David J. Stenson, said, “We will bring our knowledge to companies lacking experience or short on leadership bandwidth with so many projects initiating. This is especially common with electric vehicle programs (Hybrids, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV)) and other green technologies but our consulting services are not exclusive to these based on our decades of experience across automotive products.”

Stenson, the former Chief Technical Officer of HUMMER and 29-year automotive veteran, recruited two other members of his former HUMMER team, William G. Shikany and Ronald D. Yuille as Vice Presidents of Operations and Powertrain respectively. Shikany brings 34 years of experience and Yuille, a prior Vice President of Powertrain Engineering for GM’s International Operations, 36 years.

Consulting through an “Extended Expert Network” are Steve Matsil, a vehicle chief engineer with substantial commercial vehicle background; Lincoln McGhee, GM’s former vehicle development process and program management executive; and Albert J. Steurer, an executive with substantial powertrain, vehicle and manufacturing planning background. Combined, the New Motor Advisors team has over 200 years of automotive experience.


The firm may also assist suppliers facing new demands from their customers. With the diversity of new product programs and their underlying technology, the OEMs and suppliers can run short of leaders to cover all the bases and deliver according to the typically rigorous vehicle timing plans. Outside Detroit, M&A firms looking for transition planning, performing due diligence, and assessing intellectual property can often use some technically savvy automotive insiders to gain perspective for their client investors or companies.

Stenson added, “As companies and investors wrestle with strategy and execution planning they often stumble while estimating time, resources and risk to put the technology on the road. Beyond shuffling top leadership chairs when expectations aren’t met, they need to look at the product development plans and bench strength to execute them. We plan to be their bridge to Detroit.”

SOURCE: New Motor Advisors


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