Former GM Advertising VP Bringing New Agency to Midtown

Marketing Veteran Mike Jackson Moving to Detroit’s Creative Corridor

DETROIT — Mike Jackson, and a talented cast of what he refers to as “the industry’s best and brightest,” are moving their company’s headquarters to Detroit’s Creative Corridor.

Jackson, a former vice president of marketing and advertising at General Motors, has partnered with several well-known advertising and marketing veterans including Gary Topolewski, a former creative chief at a number of nationally known advertising agencies who is involved with several content development projects in the Los Angeles area. Jackson also partnered with strategic and operational expert Randy Easterbrook.  An independent communications consultant, Easterbrook has done work for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Jackson & Partners are setting up shop on Burroughs Street in Midtown Detroit. J&P is nestled in-between two other “advanced thinking” operations: Wayne State University and the College for Creative Studies.  J&P was formerly headquartered in Las Vegas, but decided the time was right to move to Detroit.

“When I first mentioned our company to Mayor Bing in January, his first question was, ‘Why not Detroit?'” said Jackson, President of J&P. “That got us thinking… [Topolewski] and I have a unique and comprehensive perspective on auto marketing and we want to continue to grow our automotive business so Detroit is absolutely the right place to be.  But we also want to branch out into other areas so we can put our total experience and creative problem solving approach to the test, and with the wealth of talent in this city we can do that from here, too.”

As an African American, Jackson’s agency will be the only minority owned agency based in the city of Detroit. As an independent agency, J&P believes it can deliver products to its clients faster and at lower costs than its larger “holding company” counterparts can. The J&P partners also intend to play a significant role in helping to tell the story of Detroit’s burgeoning rebirth.

J&P’s clients include several domestic and import auto dealers on both the East and West Coasts and brand building work for a nationally recognized jewelry group.  The company has also begun strategy development work for companies in the automotive, entertainment and beverage industries.

J&P intends to attract creative talent from the Midtown Creative Corridor area and to serve as mentors to area students seeking careers in marketing communications.  They anticipate creating up to 30 new jobs in the next three years.

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