Flud Expands its Social News Platform and Debuts for Businesses


SAN DIEGO— Flud, a social news reader for businesses and consumers, is expanding its social news platform to serve the private news and intelligence sharing needs of businesses. The latest update provides enterprise content for the mobile-social age by giving co-workers a place to share news and administrators a dashboard to analyze content effectiveness.

“In 2012, employees are still sharing stories via ugly emails and intranets,” said Bobby Ghoshal, CEO and co-founder of Flud. “We see a significant opportunity to service the enterprise market’s communication needs. For the past two years, consumers have enjoyed a lot of beautiful disruptive change in the news space, while the enterprise has been widely ignored. It’s about time someone changes that, and Flud is.” 

Flud privately launched its enterprise product to teams in 50 prominent companies in the U.S. and Europe. Employees in every company will be able to use Flud for reading personal news alongside private company news. Companies will have access to Flud’s dashboard, which includes an authoring tool, custom push notification engine, and a vast array of analytical data to help businesses measure the performance of their content.

In the near future, companies will pay a monthly per-seat subscription to utilize Flud’s enterprise platform. Consumers will still be able to use the app for personal news reading regardless of whether or not their company uses it internally. 

Flud’s objective is to create a more informed global workforce, which is based on the simple idea that a more informed business directly impacts company culture and its bottom line. 

Product Features:

  • Securely share internal company information
  • Track analytics of user behavior on Flud’s dashboard
  • Consume personal news and secure company news in one place
  • Sharing to groups, individuals, or company-wide
  • Custom targeted push notifications to teams within a business

The latest Flud is currently available on iOS devices and will eventually be available on other mobile platforms. The application will be free for early access customers for at least the next 60 days.

San Diego-based Flud launched in 2010 and is funded by Detroit Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures.