Federal-Mogul's New Lighting Innovations Provide Unique, Energy-Efficient Design Options for Vehicle Manufacturers


SOUTHFIELD — Automaker and consumer demand for premium lighting features that enable personalization and enhance vehicle differentiation has grown dramatically in recent years. Federal-Mogul Corporation (NASDAQ: FDML) offers a unique portfolio of innovative automotive interior lighting products that provide automotive designers with improved integration, energy efficiency, ease of packaging and distinctive styling options.

Independent research demonstrates that when a vehicle interior features ambient lighting, consumers perceive greater safety, value and comfort, and increased interior quality.  Ambient lighting also offers customization to help automakers create a brand identity inside their vehicles.

Federal-Mogul’s LED ambient lighting technology can be designed to display one or multiple colors and is easily packaged using the company’s innovative light pipe, which provides a homogeneous appearance and larger areas of illumination with fewer light sources. The lighting can be integrated throughout the vehicle or in select areas, such as the instrument panel, center stack, console, door panels, speakers and cup holders.

“Federal-Mogul’s lighting technology offers OEMs solid state lighting products with common components that provide numerous alternatives to enhance the style, luxury and perceived spaciousness of a vehicle,” said Ramzi Hermiz, senior vice president, Federal-Mogul Vehicle Safety and Protection.  “Our advanced optics development and simulation knowledge enables us to work concurrently with vehicle interior designers to create specialized lighting for vehicle differentiation.  Our unique light pipe design is just one of several new lighting innovations available to OEMs,” Hermiz added.
Using its advanced development tools, Federal-Mogul can design light pipes to direct light only where it is needed, providing a continuous appearance throughout the vehicle.

Metalized Lighting Offers Further Design Alternatives
Federal-Mogul also offers new LED metalized lighting technology, which enables automakers to conceal ambient lighting elements with a metallic-looking finish.  This innovative technology, among the first introduced to the industry, provides interior ambient lighting surfaces with a metallic appearance when the light source is “off” and a lighted appearance when it is “on.”  The company’s metalized lighting reduces the need for exposed light pipes or lamp lenses and is available in several finishes, including aluminum, copper, nickel, chrome and titanium, among others.

“Federal-Mogul’s metalized interior lighting offers automotive designers a new energy-efficient way to accent a vehicle’s interior that previously was not possible,” said Hermiz.  “With our new LED ambient lighting technologies, consumers will have an opportunity to see more metallic finishes in vehicles and more uniform illumination to complement those finishes.”

LEDs consume approximately 85 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and are essential to the low energy consumption of ambient lighting. LEDs also last nearly ten times longer than incandescent bulbs and generate much less heat, allowing for smaller, thinner packaging and improved installation and styling options.

In addition to providing new options for customization, the new products “support our strategy for sustainable global profitable growth by offering customers new technology solutions to solve interior design challenges,” said Hermiz.

North American International Auto Show Exhibit
New Federal-Mogul lighting innovations, including the company’s high-efficiency, touch-free LED interior lamp that can be operated with a simple wave of the hand, will be exhibited in room O2-39 in the Oakland Hall, second floor.  Federal-Mogul’s new Advanced Corona Ignition System, which enables up to 10-percent reduced fuel consumption, also will be among the other company technologies on display.