Farbman Group to Use Drone Technology


SOUTHFIELD — The Farbman Group, a  full-service real estate company, announced today it has purchased a DJI Phantom 2 Vision drone to photograph and explore spaces in high-rise buildings and other properties.

The unmanned aircraft purchase places Farbman Group on an exclusive, yet growing list of national innovators utilizing drone technology in creative ways. While the drone industry is relatively new, the Federal Aviation Administration expects there to be 7,500 commercial drones operating domestically by 2018.

“The use of drone technology will allow us to capture compelling video and photo images of our high-rise properties and the surrounding landmarks in the most spectacular and cost-effective fashion,” said Andrew V. Farbman, CEO of Farbman Group. “Farbman Group has always been a leader of innovation in real estate, and we take pride in being once again making strategic decisions to ensure our company is on the cutting edge of technology and emerging efficiencies.”

Essentially a flying camera, the lightweight Phantom 2 Vision drone is operated by a mobile phone and offers an unprecedented visual experience. The drone weighs just 2.5 pounds and is equipped with a GPS auto-pilot system and an integrated 14 megapixel camera that shoots full HD video.

The application of drones can be used for a wide variety of practical purposes that range from real estate and event photography to television news filming and even food delivery. With the FAA’s support, experts anticipate that drone technology will grow to an $82 billion industry in the next decade.