Farbman Group Implements 2 New Software Systems


SOUTHFIELD — Southfield-based Farbman Group, a leading full-service real estate company, is investing in and piloting two cutting-edge technology platforms: Yardi and Propertybase. This follows the company’s purchase of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision drone earlier this year, further highlighting Farbman Group’s focus on technology. 

Yardi is an end-to-end commercial property and financial management solution providing dashboards, workflows, date notifications and analytics. Propertybase is a customer relationship management system, based on and powered by the increasingly popular Salesforce.com platform, that tracks leads and deals, manages inventory and connects to investors, all completely from the cloud.

 Yardi and Propertybase allow Farbman Group to streamline internal operations and increase efficiencies, while providing higher quality services through these comprehensive and easy-to-manage platforms, serving as a value-add for many of its clients on the go.

“In today’s market, knowledge is power, especially knowledge on demand. Advancements in technology have made us accustomed to having the world at our fingertips immediately,” said Farbman. “With the Yardi and Propertybase technologies, we now have the unparalleled ability to quickly answer financial questions from our tenants, easily access information about client relationships, or evaluate our portfolio, all within a matter of minutes.”