Equity Solutions Announces Rick Davis as President, Chuck Knight as CFO

Rick Davis, Chuck Knight. // Courtesy of Equity Solutions USA
Rick Davis, Chuck Knight. // Courtesy of Equity Solutions USA

West Bloomfield-based real estate valuation provider Equity Solutions has announced Rick Davis as its new president and Chuck Knight as the new CFO.

Davis, as Equity Solution’s new President, will be responsible for development and integration of all company plans, strategies, and ideas. He will also be responsible for the supervision of all collaboration between strategic acquisitions and industry partners involving the implementation of new valuation opportunities.

“Rick has been an integral part of Equity Solutions growth for the past several years, and it is only natural that he continues to lead our growth as President of the company,” says Michael Kirk, CEO.

Davis has twenty-one years of appraisal experience and twenty-seven years of broad real estate, financial, and technology experience, working previously with US Bank.

As CFO, Knight will be responsible for supervision and management strategies concerning the company’s revenue streams and financial data. Knight is equipped with over 30 years in the field of finance and accounting, including his most recent occupation as the CFO for Vitamin Shoppe. Some of his most recognizable feats include improving the company’s turnaround efforts and making Vitamin Shoppe a private company.

“We cannot be happier with Chuck joining Equity Solutions as CFO,” says Kirk. “With his experience and leadership, Chuck will play a key role in shaping the company’s capital structure and expanding new product offerings.”