Entrepreneur Rob Herner Launches The REH Group To Provide Business Strategy and Consulting Services To Developing Businesses


BLOOMFIELD HILLS — Business veteran Rob Herner today announced the launch of The REH Group — a strategic business solutions and consulting firm that focuses on early stage engagement with developing companies to help provide both strategic guidance and pathways to funding.

Additionally, The REH Group has positioned itself as a critical resource to assist corporations wishing to establish an in-house capital fund geared toward pre-revenue and early stage business opportunities, strategically aligned to leverage a business’ unique assets.

The REH Group also provides a host of various support services, ranging from project-based initiatives (including sales/marketing planning, feasibility studies, establishing operational and revenue-based metrics, and full-scale business plans) to interim executive leadership.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Herner founded and successfully ran REH Associates for more than 20 years. This technology-based company worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, higher education, K-12 public education and the professional services sector. REH Associates reached sales in excess of $10 million annually, employed more than 50 people, and enjoyed annual gross profit margins exceeding 50 percent. Herner also is a Bloomfield Hills, Mich., school board member trustee and is involved in the governance of the public school district that operates an $80 million annual budget, educates 5,200 students, and has employment in excess of 900 people.

“While there are many consulting firms available, few have the same level of “in the trenches” practical hands on experience that we have at The REH Group,” Herner said. “The advice and support we can provide is unique. Other key benefits we can bring to the table are distinctive solutions such partnerships and technology transfer. Not only do we have the experience and resources to take an idea through the business development stages to commercial viability, but we have the expertise to bridge partnerships that range from licensing, sourcing and sales arrangements all the way to venture capital affiliations.”