East Meets West in Troy at Tom Sushi


TROY — East and West has fused in Troy when Japanese restaurant manager Tom Terada met American sushi enthusiast Harry Mazei.

Their friendship and love of fresh, authentic Japanese food inspired them to create a dining experience that reflects their individual strengths but also the ethnically-diverse community in which the two friends live. Tom and Haruko Terada and Harry and Suemi Mazei live in Troy and their children attend Troy schools. Terada brought his experience with traditional Japanese restaurants while Harry contributed his American entrepreneurship.

When it came time to name their new project Terada and Mazei leaned on Japanese and American traditions for inspiration. Terada’s American name is both a sign of their friendship and a reference to the Japanese concept of “TOMU” or “abundance.”

Like the fusion of the name, Tom Sushi is a combination of their ideas and interests creating a new, fun and fresh dining experience. The results of their friendship can be seen in the presentation of original signature flavors mixed with traditional tempura-style favorites.

Together, erada and Mazei have created a satisfying dining experience at Tom Sushi allowing them to feel full of “TOMU” themselves.

For more information, visit tomsushi.com.