DTE Energy Announces Changes to its Board.

Earley announces he is leaving DTE to become CEO at PG&E; Anderson elected DTE chairman while retaining his current role as president & CEO.

DETROIT — DTE Energy Executive Chairman Anthony F. Earley Jr. will retire from DTE Energy on September 12 and become the Chairman, CEO, and President of PG&E Corporation, the parent company of California utility Pacific Gas & Electric, effective September 13.

On September 12, current DTE Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Gerard M. Anderson will assume an additional role as Chairman of the Board, taking the final step in a carefully planned and executed transition of leadership at the company. Anderson will retain his current role as President and CEO.

"DTE Energy is a great company and I have had seventeen and a half years of good memories, but my work here is done," said Earley. "I am proud of what we have accomplished during my time at the company for our customers, our investors, and our employees."

Earley said he was able to accept this new opportunity because of his high level of confidence in Anderson and the DTE Energy leadership team.

"The current leadership team is the best in the industry and they have demonstrated their abilities to be successful," he said. "I can leave knowing the company is in good hands. Although it is hard to leave both the people and the community I have grown to love and call home, I am proud of the legacy I am leaving behind and looking forward to working with the leadership team at PG&E to achieve this same level of success there."

Anderson, 53, was elected as President and CEO of DTE Energy in September 2010, after assuming increasing responsibility over the past several years. Gerry Anderson Bio He led the work to define the company’s priorities in recent years, and says the company’s strategies and objectives will remain the same.

"I take great pride in leading a company that has been an important part of the fabric of our home state for well over a century," said Anderson. "We are now investing heavily to meet the energy needs of the next century, both in Michigan and across the country. As we do that, we are working hard to improve the experience of our customers and to continuously improve our operations. This focus has provided strong results for both our investors and those we serve."

"The transition to Gerry’s leadership last September has progressed smoothly, and the board is confident in his ability to take on this additional role," said Eugene Miller, retired Chairman and CEO of Comerica Inc. and presiding director of the DTE Energy board of directors. "We are grateful for the leadership Tony has provided. He is leaving a legacy of service and excellence, and we wish him the best as he moves on to serve in a new capacity."

Anderson said DTE Energy has an important role to play in being a force for growth and prosperity in the communities it serves and the state. He noted the company’s ongoing efforts to increase support for Michigan suppliers and invest heavily in Michigan and the broader region to help create new jobs.

He also cited examples of DTE Energy’s commitment to Detroit and other communities it serves, including incentives for employees who want to move closer to the company’s Detroit headquarters as part of the recently announced Live Downtown program and the move of its call center to Detroit.

"Tony has been a great mentor and friend, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work so closely with him," said Anderson. "He has left a lasting impression on me and all of our employees regarding the vital role we play in our communities."
Earley, 62, has worked at DTE Energy for over 17 years. He took on the role of executive chairman in September 2010. Prior to that, he had been CEO and chairman of the board since 1998, and was president and COO from 1994 through 1998.