Dow Kokam to Expand Midland Battery Park


MIDLAND — Dow Kokam announced today that it has authorized the design and construction of a Pack Assembly Plant on the Midland Battery Park site in Midland, MI, and has selected Clark Construction of Lansing, MI to manage the design and construction. The design is currently in process for the estimated 60,000 square foot facility, which will produce advanced energy storage systems, and will use Dow Kokam lithium-ion cells manufactured at the Midland Battery Park facility. Construction of the facility is scheduled to begin Mid-July 2012, with production slated for the first quarter of 2013.

“We are excited to expand our manufacturing capability in Michigan to meet current and future market demand. The Pack Assembly Plant will enable Dow Kokam to provide advanced energy storage systems along with our high performance cells,” said Ravi Shanker, CEO of Dow Kokam.

“With a complete cell and pack offering, Dow Kokam will provide lithium-ion advanced energy storage systems that achieve advantages in energy, power, lifetime, safety and cost.”

Dow Kokam’s battery pack is an advanced energy storage solution incorporating: a secure casing for the cells and the battery management system, which monitors and manages power distribution, system communications, and the voltage and temperature of each cell. The battery pack is designed to maximize energy and power performance in a variety of operating conditions or temperatures, within the transportation, defense, industrial and stationary storage industries.

The Pack Assembly Plant will be built on the site of the Midland Battery Park, which will commence operations this summer. To date, more than 700,000 man-hours have been required for construction of the Midland Battery Park, with greater than 90% worked by Michigan residents.

“The Pack Assembly Plant is an investment for Dow Kokam to provide turn-key solutions to our diverse customer base; and is a commitment to help further expand Michigan’s manufacturing renaissance in the advanced energy storage industry,” said David Pankratz, Vice President of Operations of Dow Kokam.

Clark Construction will be responsible for identifying and hiring all subcontractors for the construction of Dow Kokam Pack Assembly Plant.

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