Dow Kokam Selected as the Exclusive ‘Advanced Battery Expert’ for FleetAnswers


Midland, MI – February 8, 2011 – Dow Kokam, a leading large-format battery systems producer, is proud to announce it will be the ‘Advanced Battery Expert’ for FleetAnswers, leveraging 10 years of experience in the advanced large format battery industry to provide insight for fleet managers and commercial vehicle manufacturers interested in vehicle electrification. Chuck Reardon, Vice President of Dow Kokam, will represent the company in answering questions submitted by members of FleetAnswers. With extensive knowledge and experience in automotive advanced battery manufacturing and vehicle integration, Dow Kokam will answer questions on battery technology, opportunities and solutions for commercial vehicles.

“Fleet  managers and commercial vehicle manufacturers have unique priorities for vehicle electrification in terms of cost, mission fulfillment, reliability and longevity that aren’t acknowledged in most available data about advanced batteries. We understand these priorities and, with FleetAnswers, will provide a resource to help fleet managers optimize advanced battery solutions maximizing the potential return on investment for electrification,” said Reardon. “Dow Kokam has more than 10 years of proven experience and a million kilometers of road-testing for our large format battery system technology; and we will leverage that expertise to help fleet professionals and others interested in commercial vehicles make informed decisions about vehicle electrification.”

FleetAnswers is an online community that provides a secure platform for fleet professionals to network and share industry information and knowledge. The FleetAnswers network consists of the industry’s top decision makers responsible for utility, municipal and corporate fleets with over 300,000 vehicles and a collective annual budget of more than $3 billion.

“Increasingly, fleet professionals are recognizing the potential benefits of electrification, but have not been able to find reliable advice designed specifically for their commercial vehicles and operational needs,” said Chris Shaffer, Partner at FleetAnswers. “We have chosen Dow Kokam as the ‘Advanced Battery Expert’ because of its thorough understanding of the fleet industry and its ability to provide simple, clear and useful information to members of the FleetAnswers community.”

‘Ask the Expert’ is a forum on FleetAnswers where members can pose questions on important fleet topics and trends to industry experts that FleetAnswers has partnered with. All questions relating to the advanced battery industry will be directed to Chuck Reardon, who, with the input of the broad Dow Kokam team, will provide clear and meaningful answers, supplying knowledgeable insight to help guide decisions surrounding the electrification of fleets and commercial vehicles. All ‘Ask the Expert’ answers are archived so FleetAnswers members can access the information at any time.

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About Dow Kokam
Dow Kokam brings technologically advanced and economically viable battery solutions to the transportation, defense, industrial and medical industries. Uniting Dow, Kokam America and Dassault SVE creates the first battery and energy management systems manufacturer to combine viable, scalable large-format battery technology with the market franchise, manufacturing expertise and market knowledge necessary to become the clear partner of choice across industries.

Dow Kokam was established in 2009 to develop and manufacture advanced energy storage technologies for the transportation and other industries. The company is owned by The Dow Chemical Company, TK Advanced Battery LLC and Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault.

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