Dow Chemical's Silicon Technology Helping Drive Green Building Revolution

Dow Corning Products and Professional Services Enable Building Designers to Create World Class Sustainable Architecture

MIDLAND, Mich., June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — To support the growing demand of designing and constructing innovative, high-performance and sustainable structures, Dow Corning is strengthening its suite of construction solutions and services for building professionals.

“We understand that building an energy efficient green building is not an easy task; it requires the collaborative efforts of the design and construction industries,” says Saulo Rozendo, global strategic marketer, Construction Industry, Dow Corning. “For more than 40 years, architects and building designers have relied on Dow Corning brand silicone products for sustainable, long-lasting building materials solutions.”

Dow Corning silicon-based sealants, coatings, water repellents and concrete admixtures are designed to protect, strengthen, and preserve building materials in new construction and renovation projects. For example, silicone construction silicone sealants have a life expectancy that is typically three times longer than organic sealants used in the same applications.  They waterproof, remain flexible and resist the effects of ultraviolet (UV) light and common temperature extremes.

Use of Dow Corning silicone products can contribute to building performance improvements such as:

  • sealants for structural glazing and weatherproofing applications to increase energy performance and extend building life;
  • water repellents to help reduce damage to materials from water penetration, minimizing the needed for structural repairs;
  • concrete admixtures used for pretreatment of substrates help to reduce thermal conductivity and evaporation of water in materials, two leading causes of structural heat loss.

In addition, when used in combination with other construction materials, use of Dow Corning silicones can contribute to earning LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits as administered by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Dow Corning also provides industry professionals with product information, technical expertise, design tools and other resources to create total building system solutions, based on decades of construction industry expertise, technical service, support resources, and customized construction services. Dow Corning offers:

  • information regarding using silicone to achieve LEED credits;
  • online construction calculators for project management and products usage;
  • downloadable product selection guides, data sheets, application tutorials/seminars and technology developments;
  • blueprint evaluations to ensure proposed applications meet Dow Corning joint standards for warrantable performance;
  • videos demonstrating how silicone technology contributes to sustainable buildings; and,
  • online order entry and sample requests.

“The versatility and diversity of our silicon-based materials can be incorporated into every aspect of a building to achieve today‘s green buildings,” says Rozendo. “Developing sustainable buildings requires many elements working together to create a world-class structure.”

Working with leading architects and contractors, Dow Corning has contributed to innovative designs such as the Solano County Government Center in Fairfield, California. Solano County‘s first LEED-certified building, the building incorporates sustainable design/build elements, including extensive use of solar electricity and an award-winning co-generation plant. Dow Corning® brand silicone sealants complement its energy-efficient technologies with contributions to its weatherproofing and life-cycle.

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