Doodle Home Interior Designing Launches Website


DETROIT — Detroit-based Doodle Home, a virtual studio for interior designers to run their businesses more efficiently, is revolutionizing the interior design industry. Doodle Home’s recently launched website relieves designers of the non-creative tasks associated with the business of interior design, allowing them to focus on creating beautiful spaces.

According to Interior Design, the magazine for the interior design professional marketplace, on average, designers spend only 22 percent of their week designing and spend a majority of their time and energy on tasks related to product discovery, specification, and procurement. Doodle Home’s web platform supports designers’ creative side of the business by providing a more effective way for interior designers to run their business.

“We have a passion and a reverence for design,” Jennifer Gilbert, an experienced interior designer, founder, and CEO of Doodle Home, said. “Doodle Home was founded on the belief that interior designers produce their best work when all they have to do is what they do best: design.”

Doodle Home is a design-oriented technology company that offers interior designers an exclusive combination of complimentary online tools and a dedicated designer’s assistant to bring their next great space to life.

The Doodle Home platform boasts numerous features, including a virtual showroom and a simple quote tool that lets designers easily request quotes for any product, from any manufacturer. The company’s online tools and ASID/IIDA Designer’s Assistants help designers:

• Access any product from any manufacturer
• Discover new and unique products in a curated collection from around the world
• Acquire product information, samples, request quotes, and place orders for furniture, textiles, lighting and accessories, from any source, all in one place
• Manage orders from spec through delivery, at no charge

“We are a team of experienced interior designers, and technology and business experts, passionate about simplifying the business of interior design,” Fernando Prieto, the president of Doodle Home, said. “We believe that designers have an amazing artistic ability that flourishes when they are not only inspired, but when they are unencumbered with the rigors of running a business.”

Doodle Home played a key role in the award-winning transformation of the historic Madison Theatre building, one of downtown Detroit’s entrepreneurial and creative hubs, adjacent to the Detroit Opera House and Grand Circus Park.  The vibrant, dynamic office space designed by Doodle Home and Neumann/Smith encourages creativity, communication, and collaboration.

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