DNR’s Mi-HUNT Helps Michigan Hunters Plan Routes


LANSING — As firearm deer hunting season approaches in Michigan – and with many other seasons already under way – the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to begin their outdoor adventures with Mi-HUNT.

Mi-HUNT, originally released in 2010, is an application that displays multiple layers of information, which can be customized to fit specific outdoor interests and trip-planning needs. This application allows hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to view, print, measure and create custom routing to their desired destinations.

In addition to the original Mi-HUNT features, the enhancements completed this year have made the program more user-friendly.

“Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet now has the opportunity to easily learn how to use Mi-HUNT in a way that caters to their specific outdoor sport,” said Russ Mason, chief of the DNR’s Wildlife Division. “This program makes it possible to target lands for different types of hunting and outdoor recreation.”