DIA Launches Fourth Annual Inside|Out Program


DETROIT — The Detroit Institute of Arts is taking art to the streets for the fourth year in a row. The DIA announced on Friday the participating cities in this year’s popular Inside|Out program, which brings high-quality reproductions of masterpieces from the DIA’s collection to the streets and parks of metro Detroit.

This year 21 new communities are part of the mix. From April to June, 81 reproductions will be in 13 communities, and from July to September, 80 will be placed in 12 other municipalities. Each community will have from five to 12 images clustered within walking or bike-riding distance. Exact placements are still being determined, and once they are finalized, they will be featured on an interactive map on the DIA’s website, www.dia.org.

To refresh the works available, the DIA has added six new reproductions, including several examples of modern art, to the 80 already in use. The new works are: The Window, Henri Matisse; Boy with Plaid Scarf, Robert Henri; Winter Landscape in Moonlight, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner; Hard Ball III, Robert Moskowitz; Mother and Child, Yoruba, African; and Ellen’s Isle, Loch Katrine, Robert S. Duncanson.

“Community weekends” are another new component of this year’s program. Residents of participating communities will enjoy a designated Saturday and Sunday to visit the museum free and see the actual art work installed in their cities’ works. Visitors will receive a 10 percent discount in Café DIA and the museum shop, $1 off Detroit Film Theatre tickets and free admission to showings of the Detroit Film Theatre 101 film series.

“It’s been amazing to see how Inside|Out has grown over the past three years,” said Graham W. J. Beal, DIA director. “Embarking on its fourth year with sustained support from Knight Foundation, Inside|Out will continue to engage people with art in settings that are familiar to them, fostering both creativity and pride in their communities.”

“It’s not enough to simply present art in today’s world,” said Dennis Scholl, vice president for arts at Knight Foundation. “Audiences demand to be engaged, and with Inside Out, the DIA has created an exciting program that we think is worth replicating in communities around the country.”

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