DGE Study Shows Consumer Choice Impact on Purchasing


AUBURN HILLS — DGE Inc.  has released its infotainment and telematics study, which is believed to be the first attempt to apply objective benchmarking to the infotainment and telematics industry, company officials said.

“Infotainment and telematics systems are quickly becoming a primary decision making criteria as younger consumers begin buying cars,” said President and CEO of DGE Inc. Joachim Wolschendorf. “The evaluation of system performance is currently highly subjective. Given the importance of consumer decision-making on the overall choice to buy or not buy a vehicle, there is a need for objectivity — both in the target-setting phase as well as in the testing and evaluation phase, of today’s infotainment and telematics systems. This study provides that objectivity.”

DGE has combined development and testing in the connected vehicle space in an effort to create the first known application of an independent and quantitative benchmarking evaluation of infotainment and telematics systems in the North American market, according to the company

The study was released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and when shown to tier suppliers and original equipment customers, the benchmarking study generated a significant reaction, company officials said.

This newly developed service offering from DGE, the company said, not only allows an original equipment supplier or tier supplier to quantitatively compare its system with competitors on an attribute by attribute basis, but, because the evaluation strategy is objective, it provides useful information about how much improvement is necessary, in each attribute area, to become best-in-class.