Detroit Zoo Photo Exhibit Captures Hidden Life of Wolves


ROYAL OAK — Detroit Zoo visitors will be able to view a National Geographic photo exhibition The Hidden Life of Wolves in the historic Log Cabin adjacent to the Cotton Family Wolf Wilderness habitat.  

“We’ve all heard stories of the ‘big, bad wolf’, but that reputation is undeserved,” says Ron Kagan, Detroit Zoological Society executive director and CEO. “This photo exhibition and the Cotton Family Wolf Wilderness are aimed at bringing about a greater understanding of wolves and their significance to ecosystems.”

The traveling exhibition includes 21 images by award-winning filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher, who observed wolves for six years at the edge of Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness and documented their behaviors.  The collection of photographs is intended to dispel the myths about wolves and educate visitors about the importance of protecting them.

The Cotton Family Wolf Wilderness, located at the southwest corner of the Detroit Zoo, is a 2-acre naturalistic habitat that will feature grassy hills and meadows, native Michigan trees, a flowing stream and pond, dens and elevated rock outcroppings from which wolves can survey their surroundings and Zoo visitors.

The photo exhibit will be on display starting Monday and will be open until Oct. 24. For hours, prices, directions and other information, call 248-541-5717 or visit