Detroit Startup Launches New Ad Technology


DETROIT —  Finally, no more boring ads before you watch online videos. Are You a Human, a Detroit startup that focuses on creating alternative ways for brands to interact with users, launced PlayThru for Video. PlayThru for Video is an additon to existing pre-roll campaigns, but instead of annoying viewers, it rewards them by allowing to get to their content faster.

“Pre-roll videos are effective when they’re watched, but we all know that the majority of users tune out or do something else until the ad finishes,” says Reid Tatoris, Are You a Human co-founder. “PlayThru for Video enables advertisers to not only deliver their message to real people, but also to get those people actively engaged. And since PlayThru allows people to get to their desired content faster, users are happy with the brand rather than annoyed.”

Officials say when users are able to access their desired content faster, they’re happier which translates into better results for advertisers. User testing shows that consumers who engage with PlayThru for Video remember the brand just as much as those who watch the full ad, but feel 33 percent more favorably about the brand.

PlayThru for Video is an extension of the company’s PlayThru product and is currently used on over 7,000 sites and verifies over seven million users as humans each month says Tatoris. Companies such as Ford, GM, and Hasbro have run PlayThru campaigns.

“We don’t want to just be another company that shoves ads in people’s faces,”Tatoris says. “With all of our products, our mission is to make online experiences better for people. Our research shows that when brands help make people’s lives better, those people not only remember the brand, but are appreciative and thankful.”