Detroit Police and Fire Pension Board Elects Chairman, Vice Chair

Megan Moslimani
Megan Moslimani // Photo courtesy of the city of Detroit

The Police and Fire Retirement System of the City of Detroit Board of Trustees has elected police sergeant Matthew Gnatek as chairman and Megan Moslimani as vice chairman for fiscal year 2019-2020.

Gnatek serves as a homicide investigator for the Detroit police and is a 22-year member of the department. He was elected to the one-year term by a unanimous vote of the board. He has been on the board as a trustee for nine years and previously served as chairman in 2013-2014.

He says that he and the trustees are committed to the prudent operation of the fund and maximizing returns for the long term.

Moslimani was re-elected as vice chair, a position she held for the previous year. She is chief legal counsel for special projects in the city, responsible for strategic initiatives in revitalization and development. She oversees the Medical Marijuana Facilities Review Committee. After serving as a mayoral appointee to the city board, Moslimani was re-elected unanimously and will serve a one-year term ending June 30. The fiscal year began July 1.

“I am honored to serve as vice chair and to represent the interests of the police and firefighters retirement system,” says Moslimani.

Moslimani says that her background as an assistant prosecuting attorney for Wayne County gave her a special understanding of the police and fire fighters’ work.

The board is currently comprised of 16 members. It includes six elected active duty police and fire personnel and two elected retired personnel. It also includes one city council designee appointed and seven ex-officio appointees of the city of Detroit, appointed by the duly elected mayor. The board oversees the $2.9 billion fund serving about 8,000 retired police officers and fire fighters as well as approximately 3,000 active-duty first responders.

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