Detroit Central City to Open Integrated Health Care Center


DETROIT — Detroit Central City Community Mental Health Inc. is plannig to open an integrated health center in downtown Detroit this fall.

The Health Center will be located in one of the Woodward Avenue storefronts on DCC’s Midtown property.

Nurse practitioner staff will be hired from University of Detroit Mercy’s McAuley Health Center which provides health care to the community and trains board certified nurse practitioners to fill the much needed role of physicians. Certified nurse practitioners can prescribe medications, and do everything primary physicians can do, except surgery.

“The integrated care model is the most patient-centered form of health care because all services are co-located, said Carla Groh, Ph.D., a professor at University of Detroit Mercy College of Health Professionals and project director, McAuley Health Center. “Patients can go to one clinic and get all the services they need without worrying about getting to another site or getting to know new people. We know that if a patient’s physical health is being taken care of their mental health tends to improve, too.” Groh said.  Groh,  a nurse practitioner, has been a Detroit Central City board member for several years.

Detroit Central City Health Center will provide integrated health care to its regular patients, the homeless population, as well as public housing residents. Health care for the community is the direction many health care clinics are taking today providing behavioral health services, primary health services, and specialty services, a significant, one stop convenience for patients who often face transportation and economic challenges.

“It is exciting to be able to bring these services to our developing community and consumers,” said Irva Faber-Bermudez, Detroit Central City’s president and CEO. “We believe we are on the leading edge of health care which can only improve our ability to make a positive difference.”

DCC is partially funded by Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency and Gateway Community Health. For more information, visit

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