Customs at Detroit Airport to Use New Automated I-94 Form


DETROIT — U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is now utilizing the automated Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, which is designed to streamline the admissions process for individuals lawfully visiting the United States.  Form I-94 provides international visitors evidence of lawful admission to the U.S., which is necessary to verify alien registration, immigration status, and employment authorization.

“The implementation of this new program will increase efficiency of our operations, and is a critical component of maximizing CBP’s resources at ports of entry,” said Christopher Perry, director, Detroit Field Operations. “The cost effectiveness of this new program will save millions of dollars for CBP and the travel and tourism industry.”

With this automation, affected visitors will no longer be required to fill out a paper I-94 form when arriving to the U.S. by air or sea, improving procedures and reducing costs.  As part of CBP’s work to bring advances in technology and automation to the passenger processing environment, records of admission will now be generated using traveler information already transmitted through electronic means. 

Travelers who want a hard copy or other evidence of admission can access this information online using the website if they did not receive a hard copy attached to their passport. ( Individuals can print a copy of an I-94 based on the electronically submitted data, including the I-94 number, to provide as necessary to benefit providers or as evidence of lawful admission.