Compuware Launches New eBook: Java Enterprise Performance

New eBook provides technical insights for IT professionals.

DETROIT – Compuware Corporation, the technology performance company, today announced the availability of Java Enterprise Performance, a new online eBook authored by technology experts at the Compuware dynaTrace(R) Center of Excellence. Java Enterprise Performance is a free resource for IT senior managers, team leaders and practitioners responsible for the performance of business-critical applications.

The online book is a comprehensive compilation of state-of-the-art approaches, best practices and pragmatic solutions to support application performance management and optimization initiatives throughout the lifecycle of systems from pre-production to production, encompassing all stakeholders: architecture, development, test, deployment and production teams.

“As businesses rely more than ever on applications, application performance management (APM) has become a top operational priority; performance delays of just two seconds can cause a revenue loss of 4 percent,” said co-author and dynaTrace Technology Strategist Alois Reitbauer.  “As interest in application performance grows, more people want to further their careers in this field. Our eBook provides a pragmatic reference for those who are passionate about application performance and accountable for improving it.”

All key topics covered in Java Enterprise Performance – from application performance concepts and memory management to hot issues such as cloud, virtualization and more — will empower architects, developers, test and operations teams to understand, measure and optimize the performance of Java-based technologies and meet the challenges they currently face in complex enterprise environments. The eBook is being published online with new chapters added monthly. The authors, all members of the dynaTrace APM Center of Excellence, include: Alois Reitbauer, Andreas Grabner, and Michael Kopp.

This online book contains more than 30 years of their combined knowledge in the application performance field. The authors have worked building large-scale applications and performance tools, developed numerous training courses and are regular speakers at leading software conferences worldwide on performance-related topics.  To access the eBook visit: