Compuware Establishes Leadership in Fast-Growing End User Experience Market

Market Growth Driven by Cost Optimization and Need to Retain Customers; Compuware Well-Positioned for Continued Success

DETROIT, May 27, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq:CPWR) today announced that Compuware Vantage has a dominant share of the growing End User Experience (EUE) monitoring market. With an expected high market growth rate for 2009 driven by the need to protect revenues and eliminate costly downtime, Compuware Vantage is perfectly positioned for continued success.

“Based on our analysis, we estimate Compuware owns 30 percent of the End User Experience monitoring market,” said Mark Hillman, Compuware’s Vice President of Strategy and Product Line Management. “Compuware EUE monitoring provides IT leadership with a versatile solution for optimizing the end-to-end performance of the applications that matter most to the business. And with a high continued growth rate expected in this market, we believe that Compuware will continue leading the pack.”

Independent Perspective on the Market

In a recent Forrester report, Market Overview: The IT Management Software Market In 2009, authored by Forrester Research’s Jean-Pierre Garbani and Peter O’Neill, the respected analyst firm projected a tremendous 32 percent growth rate for the EUE market in 2009. This was the highest projected growth of all IT management segments rated.*

The report also stated that “In 2009, IT faces the problem of cutting costs without affecting the productivity of business users. Ideally, enterprises will look at solutions that increase IT op’s productivity, reduce the time needed to correct problems and eliminate wasted time: this should favor the latest and most innovative IT management software products.”

The Importance of End User Experience Monitoring

End-User Experience monitoring and reporting is especially important in a struggling economy. Strong market growth is based on EUE’s ability to cut costs by reducing system downtime, eliminating the “fire-drill” type of responses to system problems, increasing productivity and improving customer service and retention.

“Compuware Vantage is clearly leading in application-centric End User Experience Monitoring, with the industry’s most compelling balance between real user and synthetic transactions monitoring,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. “Compuware’s unique approach enables IT to more effectively manage application performance while also helping to ensure that any problems are caught before the business is impacted.”

Compuware Vantage, an IT service management solution, provides IT with a top-down approach to service delivery that starts from the end-user
perspective. Rather than providing a bottom-up, infrastructure-oriented view of events, Vantage maps critical business services to the supporting infrastructure and provides an end-to-end view of application performance. This approach allows IT to deliver services more effectively, communicate the business value of IT and proactively identify and resolve problems before they impact the business.

Overcoming today’s challenges requires a total perspective on the IT portfolio, both to deliver projects that enable business growth and also to ensure the health of existing systems. With Compuware’s Business Service Delivery approach, IT leaders get comprehensive, proven and scalable solutions for ensuring applications work well and deliver value, regardless of the technology or applications used. End-User Experience monitoring is central to this approach and to optimizing end-to-end application performance so that IT can keep its promises to the business.

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* Forrester’s Report is independent of Compuware’s market share calculations.