Company, Alliance Partners Provide “Turn Key” Supply Chain Solutions

Diversity Connections LLC Formed to Serve Supply Chain Diversity Needs

SOUTHFIELD — BW Limited LLC and BBK Monday announced the formation of Diversity Connections LLC. The joint venture will provide minority business enterprises (MBEs), their customers, and suppliers in all industries and sectors with a full range of services designed to assist MBEs in meeting the challenges facing them today.

In addition, DC will provide MBE customers with a menu of services to strengthen and expand their diversity initiatives while improving efficiency.

DC combines the procurement and supply chain expertise of BW Limited LLC with the operational, financial, and strategic expertise of BBK. They are joined by two strategic alliance partners: Addison, Texas-based Diversity in Promotions, and Integrated Systems Design, Inc., based in Farmington Hills, Mich.

“Our strength and unique value proposition is our depth, breadth of experience, strong market relationships, and the solid track record of our partner firms,” said Barbara Whittaker, CEO of Diversity Connections, and CEO of BW Limited LLC.

DC is complemented by Earle Higgins of ISD and Rodney Woods and Art McClellan of DIP. Higgins pioneered development of a national diversity reporting, tracking, and evaluation system with Supplier External Data Search Access, and is a leader in online automated verification systems. Woods and McClellan bring broad business depth as well as decades of supply chain diversity and development expertise.

“This combined industry and market expertise is unmatched in the supply chain diversity and development sector,” Whittaker added. “It’s a unique and powerful combination that can help businesses of all kinds ensure their supply chains are robust and that individual suppliers have the correct support to succeed.”

DC will serve the entire supply chain spectrum – from the OEM to the Tier 1 to the MBE and everyone in between. DC will provide expertise, mentoring, guidance, operational and management support, financial assistance, and training to MBEs. It will also help OEMs and Tier 1s develop, maintain, and refine robust MBE supplier development programs, reporting processes, and implementation of best practices.

“Our goal is to bring positive solutions to both sides of the diversity initiative through our work with the MBEs to improve their effectiveness as well as to assist customers in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes — thereby creating a win-win,” said Bill Diehl, CEO of BBK and DC partner.

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