Comcast Launches Its New Cloud-Enabled X1 Program


PLYMOUTH — Comcast, a global media and technology company, announced the Michigan launch of the X1 Platform from Xfinity. Using cloud-enabled technologies, X1 is a first of its kind entertainment platform that transforms the traditional cable box into an entertainment operating system that delivers a completely new TV experience. With easy-to-use navigation and search abilities, X1 delivers the world’s largest library of video content, a new graphically pleasing guide, and customized apps that complement the service. DVR-enabled X1 boxes allow customers to record four shows and watch a fifth at the same time, and enjoy multi-room DVR functionality with AnyRoom DVR.

“Reflecting our standards of innovation, speed and utility, the X1 Platform essentially transforms our video product from a hardware experience to a software experience, and is part of Comcast’s ongoing and evolving effort to take advantage of IP technology to constantly bring new innovation and features to our customers,” said Tim Collins, senior vice president for Comcast.

“Delivering content from different sources, including games, apps, and social media, X1 makes the TV experience smarter, richer, and more personalized to redefine the entertainment experience for our customers.”

X1 Platform key features include:

  •  All-new easy-to-read main screen with a sleek user interface and search guide that enables fast, one-click access to a vast array of video content and entertainment options.
  • All-new, highly responsive smart-remote offers unified search, instant play, and recommendations, finding entertainment content in seconds from TV listings, DVR recordings, and XFINITY On Demand; new remote does not require a line-of-sight connection to the set-top box.
  • Ability to record four shows simultaneously and watch a fifth at the same time; DVR includes multi-room service, which lets customers watch recorded shows in any room in the house.
  • Customized apps including weather, sports, real-time traffic, Facebook, and Pandora.
  • New remote control app with motion and voice control can filter content by genre and HD, control DVR, and interact with social media tools and apps.
  • Seamless content delivery from multiple sources to nearly all screens in the home
  • Cloud technology delivers regular, real-time updates, and enables rapid web-like development, enhancements, and continuous evolution.
  • World’s first entertainment operating system, cloud-enabled platform transforms the TV into new integrated entertainment experience
  • With easy-to-use navigation and search capabilities, social media tools, and apps, X1 delivers the world’s largest collection of video
  • DVR-enabled X1 boxes allow customers to record four shows and watch a fifth at the same time
  • X1 remote control app changes dynamic of the traditional remote control to provide a seamless experience between the TV and customers’ devices

The all-new companion X1 remote control app, available for free for iPhones and iPod Touch devices, delivers a new experience that changes the dynamic of the traditional remote control. Providing a seamless experience between the TV and customers’ devices, the X1 app lets customers use motions, gestures, and voice commands to control the X1. Customers can literally swipe their device to page through interactive guides, program personalized shortcuts, and favorites, and even shake the device to pause On Demand content playing on the television. Voice commands can be used to navigate the guide and search for content.

Customers can also use the IOS devices’ virtual keyboard to search among and play tens of thousands of video choices faster than ever before — even faster than using the traditional remote control. The app also has the ability to filter content by genre, standard or high-definition programs, control the DVR, and interact with X1’s social media tools and apps.

“Over the past few years, Comcast has gone through a technology transformation that’s enabled us to deliver a new generation of products that allow our customers to watch what they want, when they want, and where they want,” said Collins. “X1 also helps us stay true to our commitment to continually improve the customer experience as the cloud-based user interface can be quickly upgraded, customized and delivered to customers much faster than with the current cable box system.”