City Connect Detroit Hosts Financial Responsibility Conference for Young Adults


tDETROIT — City Connect Detroit has partnered with Bank of America to host Pathways to Success, a one-day conference teaching better money habits to young adults, as part of Grow Detroit's Young Talent intern class.

tThe conference kicks off today at Cass Technical High School, and will feature talks, given by Bank of America volunteers, on how to sign up for a bank account, create a budget, and manage spending.

tStudents will also be learning basic financial tenants to be financially responsible and to help save for the future.

t"The teen unemployment rate is at an all-time high," says Ed Siaje, consumer area executive at Bank of America. "It's important to have programs like Grow Detroit's Young Talent to not only provide the tools necessary to gain employment, but also demonstrate what to do with a paycheck once you've received it."

tThe event is expected to draw more than 500 students, ages 14-24, 100 volunteers, and 90 agencies.

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