Chrysler Brand Replacing Entire Model Lineup in ’11 MY


AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — The Chrysler Brand is experiencing a rejuvenation, and product is at the heart of it, replacing its full lineup with either all-new or significantly improved vehicles in just the next few months. As a sign of that change, the recently introduced all-new Chrysler winged badge logo will rightfully adorn all this new metal as it rolls out to the public.

The Brand itself is further defining itself, as well.

“What Chrysler Brand will be, and what will make it unique, is that it will give people beautiful shapes, which would otherwise be out of reach. It will always deliver a bit more than the customer expects,” said Olivier Francois, Chrysler Brand President & CEO. “At every turn, Chrysler Brand and its vehicles will deliver what people deserve, not just what they expect. It will take appointments – design, technology, and engines, to name a few – that were borne for a few and deliver them to the masses.”

Vehicles like the all-new, next generation 2011 Chrysler 300.

The iconic flagship, which has been the most awarded vehicle in automobile industry history, will debut its much anticipated, all-new, model later this year.

Expect more of the head-turning styling, acclaimed driving dynamics and an even more befitting interior when this vehicle comes to market.

Then there’s the Chrysler 200.

With so much change intended for the upcoming 2011 Chrysler 200 (formerly Sebring) sedan, the Company was driven to bestow a new nameplate on the car, as it deserves its own space and identity in the mid-size sedan segment. The Chrysler 200 will provide drivers a beautifully inspired sedan that doesn’t compromise safety or practicality while offering an extraordinary level of standard content, all at a surprising value.

Including elements from the 200 show car revealed in recent years on the auto show circuit, this vehicle will now compete head-to-head with the best of the mid-size segment, be it in looks, motoring excitement, refinement … what have you. A convertible version, one that is a true four-seat sedan, will follow.

Finally, though far from least, is the Chrysler Town & Country.

First, Chrysler created a segment (luxury) in the hotly contested minivan arena, after having introduced the first minivans U.S. consumers had ever seen some 25 years ago.

Next, it refused to rest on its laurels, and upped the ante once again. All the senses will be aroused by the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country minivan.

It is a beautifully inspired vehicle built with a craftsmanship, elegance and sophistication not found in other minivans. Additionally, the Town & Country provides the safety, security and driving dynamics consumers expect with the innovative technology that keeps Walter P. Chrysler’s legacy of engineering innovations alive and well.

Town & Country remains true to the Chrysler Brand credo, including being attainable to all, rather than merely a select few.

Change is coming at Chrysler Brand. The countdown has begun.

Source: Chrysler Group LLC

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