CEO of Ahee Jewelers Wins Hospitality Award


Bettejean Ahee, CEO of Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers in Grosse Pointe Woods, received the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences International Star Diamond Award for her efforts to create a jewelry business alongside her late husband, Edmund T. Ahee, more than 65 years ago. 

The award, which recognizes excellence in service, performance, attitude, and hospitality on a global level, was presented to Ahee at a recent ceremony in the store. Ahee, of Grosse Pointe Shores, is one of the few women who has ever won the “Families Monarch” recognition. 

“Bettejean Ahee perfectly exemplifies everything we want to reflect in our Five Star Diamond recognition,” says Joseph Cinque, president of The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. “She was an active partner with her husband, Edmund, since the very beginning in 1947 while at the same time raising seven children, all of whom have become participants in the business themselves.  It’s an incredible success story.” 

Today, there are approximately 17 Ahee family members who are actively engaged in the business.