Center for Automotive Research’s New Study on Impact of Electric Vehicle Incentives


ANN ARBOR, Mich., February 14, 2011 – In a new study, the Center for Automotive Research, an Ann Arbor-based nonprofit research organization, is estimating the national distribution patterns of electric vehicles across the United States over the next four years. The study uses hybrid vehicle sales in each of the 50 states as a proxy for electric vehicle sales, and a national estimate of electric vehicle market share annually.  While other recently-released studies forecast expected annual electric vehicle sales, CAR’s study focuses on the expected deployment by states and the incentive programs that will assist with the proliferation of these vehicles.

“The study finds that many factors could affect deployment and annual market share,” said Kim Hill, lead researcher on the study, and director of the Sustainability and Economic Development Strategies group at CAR. “The estimated number of vehicles on the road in this time period could be pushed higher through an increased level of consumer acceptance, fleet purchases, new entrants into the market, and most importantly, through incentive programs at the federal, state and local levels, such as an expansion of EV-ready cities and regions, and consumer incentives.“

The study, funded through a research grant from General Motors to CAR’s Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP) is available on CAR’s website at The ACP seeks to assist communities with understanding the impact of changes in the automotive industry and how it affects their communities.

CAR’s mission is to conduct research on significant issues related to the future direction of the global automotive industry, as well as organize and conduct forums of value to the automotive community. CAR receives funding from a wide variety of sources, including federal and state governments, corporations and foundations, and revenue generated from its events. The ACP is a unique program that brings together community leaders, industry leaders, and other stakeholders with the goal of sustaining and growing the region’s automotive endowment. For more information about CAR or the ACP, visit