Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine and Comcast Business Speak on Technology to Hospitality Industry


PLYMOUTH — Comcast Business has partnered with world-renowned chef, entrepreneur and author Robert Irvine to showcase how technology can help improve workplace efficiency within the hospitality industry and enhance the customer experience. The celebrated chef delivered his technology message to an audience of Michigan-based hotels, restaurateurs, chefs, and other hospitality stakeholders on Thursday at an event co-hosted by Detroit’s Greektown Casino and Hotel. The event, held at the casino’s all-new signature restaurant, Brizola, also featured a special cooking segment and food tasting by Chef Irvine.

A leading proponent of expanded use of technology applications, Chef Irvine said the hospitality industry has to change as technology evolves. He cited examples of how technology is becoming a competitive differentiator, allowing businesses to track inventory, handle online reservations or provide high-speed  Internet connectivity for a guest’s mobile device.  By partnering with Comcast Business, he said he can further spotlight how technology can help improve workplace efficiency and enhance the guest experience within the hospitality industry.

“The hospitality industry has been set in its ways for some time, but this ‘old school’ mentality has to change if the industry is going to adapt and thrive  in this world of rapidly changing technology,” Irvine said. “I believe Comcast Business provides the right tools to help businesses stay ahead of the technology curve, which is paramount to addressing both employee and customer expectations in this ‘always on, always connected’ world. And that’s true whether it is a large hotel or the local corner bar.”

Comcast Business’ partnership with Irvine was announced in March. His experience as a successful restaurant owner and his passion for helping businesses succeed by integrating technology into their daily workflow aligns well with the vision for Comcast’s business hospitality suite. 

“In bringing Chef Irvine to Michigan, Comcast Business is providing local hospitality owners and stakeholders with an envied opportunity to learn and interact directly with one of the industry’s most respected voices as he brings to life the connection between technology, business efficiency and customer satisfaction,” said Michelle Pluskota, vice president, Business Services for Comcast Cable.

In addition to educating stakeholders on the importance of integrating technology into hospitality operations, the partnership also offers a unique platform to share product and benefit messaging on Comcast Business’ broad suite of Ethernet, Internet, voice and HD video services to hotels, restaurants and bars, and how they can leverage the company’s advanced technologies to improve back-office functions and manage costs.

“As a Comcast Business customer, we not only understand the role and mandate for technology tools in our operations, but also its direct impact on the customer experience,” said Marvin Beatty, spokesman for for Greektown Casino and Hotel.  “As showcased in our commitment to a world-class guest experience, innovation and technology are both foundational and fundamental to our philosophy, and at the forefront of what makes Greektown a Michigan hospitality leader.”

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