Capelli Financial Services Joins Planned Alternatives


BLOOMFIELD HILLS — Capelli Financial Services has joined Planned Alternatives.

The firm now includes four professionals with more than 30 years as wealth management pioneers including: Marilyn Capelli Dimitroff, CFP; Evelyn MacIntyre, CFP; Edwin B. Shaw, CFP; and William H. Vanover, CFP, CLU. Managing Partner Nathan Mersereau, CFP, has almost 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. 

Dimitroff was founder and president of Capelli Financial Services. “Marilyn and her team are a great fit,” said Mersereau. “Our firms are well established, have a common culture, and care deeply for our clients. When we discovered how similar are firms were, we immediately knew this was a great move.” He believes the addition of Capelli Financial Services will strengthen Planning Alternatives’ commitment to serve clients as their wealth advisor for life.  

Clients of Capelli Financial Services and Planning Alternatives will continue their persona relationships with current financial advisers. “Ethics, integrity and a shared vision for the future mean our clients enjoy peace of mind,” said Dimitroff. “Our clients have a complete plan in place to help them achieve their financial goals and enjoy a secure future.”  

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