Butzel Long Plans Webinar on Preserving Trade Secrets


DETROIT — The most valuable assets many companies have today are their trade secrets – confidential information about their clients, business and manufacturing processes.

Up until recently, companies could rely on state law to protect those trade secrets. However, state laws cannot always effectively protect trade secrets in today’s expanding global markets, especially when the threat comes from a foreign company that is beyond the reach of most state and federal courts. Recent cases have created a whole new option for companies seeking to exploit global markets to bring their trade secrets cases in the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Butzel Long will host a complimentary webinar titled, “Preserving Your Trade Secret Rights Around the World — Can the ITC Help?” from noon to 1 p.m. May 13 featuring firm attorneys who will explain how the U.S. International Trade Commission can help in protecting trade secrets from foreign threats – and what businesses need to know to defend claims in the ITC concerning the products they import.

Presenters include the following Butzel Long attorneys:

• Joseph Cosby, a  ITC litigator and author based in Butzel Long’s Washington, D.C. office;

• Phillip Korovesis, whose Detroit-based practice focuses on trade secret and non-compete commercial disputes; and,

• James Gehrke, a veteran commercial litigator based in Butzel Long’s Washington, D.C. office who has practiced in the ITC.

Registration is required for this complimentary Webinar. To register, visit butzel.com/events/. For inquiries, contact Jonathan Spencer at