Business Community Calls on Elected Officials in Lansing to Enact Budget Reforms Now

Specific Recommendations Could Save Michigan Taxpayers Over $1.5 Billion Each Year

LANSING, January 22, 2009 – Today, leaders of Michigan’s top business organizations urged Gov. Granholm and legislators to pass long-term, structural reforms and spending cuts as they prepare to begin work on the 2009 state budget. In a show of unity, the Detroit Regional Chamber, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce and Detroit Renaissance catalogued more than $1.5 billion in approaches to reform how state government spends the taxpayers’ money. These budget reforms would make Michigan more attractive for job creation and investment growth. Reforming the budget will require elected leaders to focus precious public resources on strategic investments that matter most to Michigan’s future prosperity.

The Center for Michigan, a think tank dedicated to finding solutions to Michigan’s enduring economic challenges, joined the business community’s call for improving the state’s spending practices.

“Michigan needs a comprehensive, long-range plan to put the state on a fiscally responsible track,” said Philip H. Power, president of The Center for Michigan. “It’s going to take a lot of courage on the part of our elected officials but reforms are necessary for a strong economic base and a strategic public sector in Michigan.”

The business groups provided a catalog of reform ideas developed in recent years by a wide range of organizations. The list includes ideas for reforming corrections, Medicaid, schools, and local government contracting and making it easier for local governments to share services. The catalog by no means represents all budget reform approaches, nor does it represent a consensus on an exact budget plan. Such details are the responsibility of legislators and the governor. Instead, the groups issuing the list today provide it as a checklist for the tough choices ahead. Altogether, the list included more than $1.3 billion in possible reform choices and more than $300 million more in potential savings from reforms suggested by recent state Auditor General reports. A complete inventory of the ideas can be found at

“To turn the state’s economy around and successfully compete in a global marketplace, we need to right size the budget,” said Richard E. Blouse, Jr., president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber. “Every day that goes by without reforms means more jobs and investment lost for Michigan.”

The business leaders stressed the need for immediate attention to these reforms and are seeking meetings with Gov. Granholm, Speaker Dillon and Majority Leader Bishop to press their case for changing how Michigan budgets its resources. They stated the Legislature missed an opportunity last year to put the state on a path to economic recovery and the same mistake must not be made this budget cycle. That is why the group intends to track, through The Center for Michigan, the progress of budget reform in Lansing during the current budget process.

“We are offering the Governor and legislators a road map to fix Michigan’s deteriorating budget situation,” said Richard Studley, President and CEO of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. “We hope they understand the urgency of the situation and seriously consider the reform ideas offered as a means to restore some sanity to our budget process and stabilize the state’s fiscal condition well into the future.”

Each organization has independently offered budget reform ideas to Gov. Granholm and legislative leaders during the past year. The groups came together today, not to endorse one reform idea over another, but to underscore the critical need to put Michigan’s fiscal house in order now.

“This collaborative effort of the business community stretches from east to west and north to south of Michigan,” said Jeanne Englehart, president and CEO of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce. “Each organization’s advocacy goals around budget reform are in sync and we intend to use the combined force of our members to let Lansing know reforming the budget is our top priority for the year.”

The business leaders also rejected the idea of using a federal stimulus package as a means to patch holes in the state budget this year. They indicated this would be irresponsible and only put off the inevitable tough choices that need to be made to permanently solve the budget problems.

“There is not one magic solution for Michigan’s persistent budget deficits,” said Doug Rothwell, president of Detroit Renaissance. “It’s going to take a combination of reforms to get the state’s finances back in order. Only then will our state be able to grow jobs and investment – but our elected leaders must put reforms in motion starting today.”

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