Brooks Kushman Publishes Sixth Edition of IP Primer


SOUTHFIELD — Intellectual property (IP) has changed more in the last 10 years than ever before. To provide a basic understanding of the various aspects of current IP law, Brooks Kushman P.C. has issued the Sixth Edition of its IP Primer. The guide is written to help those who do not specialize in IP law — such as entrepreneurs, companies, accounting professionals and lawyers — spot IP issues, preserve and protect rights, avoid potential liability and effectively enforce their IP rights.

“We developed the First Edition of the Brooks Kushman Primer in 1983 as an easy-to-understand overview of the various aspects of IP law and, since that time, our readers have provided positive feedback,” said Mark Cantor, president of Brooks Kushman. “As the landscape of IP law continually evolves and becomes more complex, patent, copyright and trademark issues are becoming increasingly important to a company’s overall success.” 

To provide organizations the latest rulings and insight, the Sixth Edition IP Primer provides information and commentary about recent IP issues, including: the Supreme Court’s dramatic influence surrounding injunctions in patent cases; the Federal Circuit’s decisions on calculating damages in the modern era; Congress’ introduction of the America Invents Act of 2011, considered the most dramatic overhaul of the patent system since the Patent Act of 1952; and proper compliance to open source software licensing terms, an issue rapidly gaining importance.

Brooks Kushman’s IP Primer combines the collective experience of the firm’s IP experts to provide a well-rounded overview of the current state of the industry.  For a free copy, please click here.