Boyne Golf Academy Debuts Revolutionary Training Program


PETOSKEY — Boyne Golf, home to nearly a dozen premier golf courses spanning three resorts in the northwest corner of the state, has opened its golf academy for the 2015 season and is offering a new, revolutionary golf training system.

The market’s most-advanced full-swing club and body tracking platform, called GEARS, uses full 3-D technology to measure and analyze every swing nuance from address to follow through. Data is recorded using 26 sensors strategically placed at key spots on the body, plus six more sensors on the club, and eight high-speed cameras running at 36 frames per second.

“GEARS feedback is so detailed that we can see which groove on the club contacts the ball, how much the club’s shaft flexes and even how fast the club face is rotating at impact,” says Brian O’Neill, director of golf instruction for Boyne Golf Academy.

O’Neill says GEARS joins TrackMan, the ball-flight launch monitor, at the academy. O’Neill, along with Mike Fay, director of player performance; and Barry Redmond, senior teaching professional, lead the academy team to make golf more fun for players of all ages and abilities. Favorites include the Golf Performance Experience, Fore Ladies Only, junior camps, and the Couples Getaway Golf School.

Boyne Golf Academy is located at five-course Boyne Highlands Resort, one of Boyne Golf’s three flagship properties.

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