BorgWarner Supplies Turbochargers to Daimler Trucks for First-Ever Euro VI Heavy-Duty Engine


tAUBURN HILLS — BorgWarner supplies its B-series turbochargers for the new Mercedes-Benz 12.8-liter six-cylinder in-line Blue Efficiency Power engine, the first in its class to meet upcoming Euro VI emissions standards. Based on Daimler's new heavy-duty engine generation specifically developed for the European market, the turbocharged engine sets a new benchmark in low emissions, improved fuel economy and increased performance. With a power output of 310 kW (421 hp) to 375 kW (510 hp), the powerful engine will be used in on-road commercial vehicles as well as off-highway vehicles. To meet growing demand in the U.S., BorgWarner is also supplying its turbochargers to Daimler's, EPA10-compliant engine which is featured in Freightliner commercial trucks.

t"The new Blue Efficiency Power engine is the result of the continuing and successful collaboration between Daimler Trucks and BorgWarner," said Pete Kohler, BorgWarner President and General Manager, Turbo Systems Commercial Diesel Products. "We are pleased to contribute our years of turbocharging experience to the success of this outstanding engine. Around the world, commercial and off-highway drivers will appreciate the benefits of improved performance, increased fuel economy and reduced emissions."

tTo meet Daimler's demands for system robustness and durability, BorgWarner's latest B-series turbocharger with asymmetric twin scroll turbine housing delivers improved efficiency, high durability and excellent sealing attributes even in the harsh working environments encountered in heavy-duty on- and off-road applications. In contrast to a twin scroll turbocharger consisting of two scrolls of equal size, an asymmetric twin scroll turbine housing incorporates two scrolls of different sizes for separate exhaust gas routing to provide high exhaust gas recirculation rates for efficiently reducing NOx emissions. The smaller scroll achieves recirculation of the exhaust gas through higher back pressure built-up in front of the turbine. The larger scroll provides a high turbine output using exhaust gas energy for optimum efficiency without being affected by the exhaust gas recirculation. This combination provides optimum engine response and helps the engine to comply with global emissions standards while achieving better fuel economy and improved performance.