Bob Krause Golf Academy Set for Majestic, Fieldstone Golf Clubs


HARTLAND, MICHIGAN, June 24, 2011 — Bob Krause, who ranks among the country’s top golf instructors, announces the creation of a permanent Bob Krause Golf Academy at the Majestic Golf Club in Hartland, Michigan, with a second teaching location at the Fieldstone Golf Club in Auburn Hills.

Krause, 40, is also an eight-year veteran of the PGA mini tours who has built a reputation for getting results. Not only has he worked with tour professionals, his skill as a communicator has prompted major stars of other sports – from tennis great Ivan Lendl to Red Wing great Mickey Redmond and Tiger Hall of Famer Al Kaline  – to seek his help with their golf game.

Vijay Singh, the PGA tour veteran known for the prodigious amount of time he spends on the practice tee, strongly endorses Krause’s approach.

Krause said the widening circle of players contacting him for help with their game prompted the idea of having two locations, one on the west side of the Metro area and one closer to the center of the area to accommodate everyone.

“I am pulling people from as far away as the Houghton-Hancock area in the north, Chesterfield Township and New Baltimore on the far east side and Ann Arbor and further west so these locations makes sense for everyone,” Krause said. “The Majestic is one of the best locations in the Oakland County, Fieldstone is a top operation and I want to brand myself with the best facilities.”

Krause said he has young students who drive down from Houghton-Hancock and stay in an area hotel for the weekend to get several sessions in with him on the tee.

“Either location will be easily accessible for folks like that,” he said. Krause will spend three days each week at each location with lesions by appointment.

Bill Fountain, the managing partner of the Majestic said teaming Krause with the golf club was a no brainer.

“Bob is one of the best instructors in the game and having him here is very good for the Majestic,” Fountain said. “He will provide a very good resource for our customers and for the club.”

Some of the area’s most well-known sports figures are counted among those who said Krause’s unique and simple approach to instruction has helped their game.

Former Michigan Wolverine head football coach Lloyd Carr is one of them.

“I have never really had much instruction except from everybody I play with, but I had a great experience with Dr. Bob,” Carr said. “What I really enjoy about him is he is very positive, he doesn’t overload you, and he breaks everything down to simple basics. I hit the ball last summer better than I hit it in years and I give him a lot of credit for that.”

            Detroit Red Wing great Mickey Redmond is equally enthusiastic. “I thought I knew a lot about golf until met Bob. He showed me the real connection between the hands, the take away, the setting of the club and the release after contact,” Redmond said. “All of this has given me the knowledge I needed to correct poor shots and hit the ball consistently much straighter and further. Bob has educated me in a confident, simple, laid-back fashion, and I have truly enjoyed learning the technical part of the game of golf with Bob. Now all I have to do is execute.” 
            Krause’s approach is equally effective for women and young players.
            Among his regular students is Essence Biggs, the 2010 state champion from Birmingham Seaholm High School. Krause believes the 17-year-old standout has the potential to be the first African-American player on the LPGA tour.
            Debra McCulloch, a Bloomfield Hills lawyer said Krause is especially effective for women players who might get overloaded with technical instruction. She said Krause’s approach and communication skills would make him successful regardless of whatever sport he is coaching. “He builds your confidence, focusing on what you do well not what you do wrong and he is able to break down what he wants you to do in such a simple way that you can actually see what he wants you to do and go you are then able to do it,” she said.