BlueWater Technologies Finishes Video Wall For Macomb


SOUTHFIELD — BlueWater Technologies just completed a 20-by-50 foot video wall. Put together by Partners in Architecture PLC in cooperation with Motor City Electric Technologies, it aims to provide audio and visual systems for Macomb County.

The wall itself has 54 individual 70-inch monitors/LEDs and over 50 different display variations. Inputs on the Macomb County Police Fire and Emergency video wall include weather and GI mapping, TV/cable stations, Road Department cameras, Michigan Department of Transportation camera, siren alerting system computer displays and video conferencing. The center will also be able to accept and integrate with other systems and live feeds from mobile command units, private businesses ad school.

“This project was two years in the making and without consistent ideology, this could have failed,” Nick Marino, account executive and project lead at BlueWater said. He said the success is because of the hard work and dedication of these teams made it an easy process to complete.

The project team at BlueWater included Marino, Aziz Bou-Chaaya, Ken Box, Troy Ziegler, and Woody Booth.