Bloomfield Hills’ O2 Investment Partners Promotes Four

Top - Luke Plumpton, Joe Vallee; Bottom - Jimmy Frye, Michael Contant
Top – Luke Plumpton, Joe Vallee; Bottom – Jimmy Frye, Michael Contant // Courtesy of O2 Investment Partners

O2 Investment Partners, a private equity firm based in Bloomfield Hills, announced the promotions of Luke Plumpton to managing partner, Joe Vallee to partner, Jimmy Frye to vice president, and Michael Contant to vice president.

These promotions follow a record-breaking year for O2, with the closing of 10 acquisitions, four exits, and the addition of three new members to the team. Plumpton will be joining Todd Fink as managing partner.

“Luke’s contributions to O2 over the past decade, as a partner, leader and friend, have been instrumental in developing and growing our team, our partnerships with management, and creating value for our investors,” says Fink. “This merely solidifies the leadership that Luke has shown for many years as we continue to execute our plan to grow and evolve O2 as a leader in lower middle-market private equity.”

Plumpton announced the promotions of the other three, “Joe, Jimmy, and Mike’s expertise in assessing investment opportunities and partnering with our portfolio companies have enhanced O2’s established success in the lower-middle market private equity industry. The past couple of years with COVID has been tricky at times but we’ve only become more focused and disciplined in our approach,” he says.

“Joe, Jimmy, and Mike are excellent examples of O2’s focus on honoring the entrepreneur and embracing the O2 philosophy of partnering with family/founder owned businesses in a constructive and unique way. We’re incredibly proud of them and look forward to their continued contributions to the firm as we expand our presence in the industry.”