Beyond Basics Plans Literary Summit Nov. 14


DETROIT — Beyond Basics is hosting the “We Are the Change” summit to bring awareness to the literacy problems in Detroit.

The summit is to be held from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Nov 14 at The Wright Museum in midtown Detroit. Following registration and continental breakfast there will be introductions by civic leaders and a keynote address by Martin Gomez, vice dean of the University of Southern California Libraries and Carol Goss, president of The Skillman Foundation.

The Literacy: We Are the Change Summit Conference will bring together under one roof leaders from the business, foundation, government, and non-profit communities. The goal is to come up with strategies and tools to put an end to the illiteracy in the city of Detroit within five years.

As invoked by the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the “fierce urgency of now” compels us to act, and The Wright Museum’s role as cultural center of community for the City of Detroit, and stature as the largest museum of its kind, make it the ideal place to put a stake in the ground – and through the heart of the pernicious vampire of potential that is illiteracy.