Behr Names New Vice President of Operations


TROY — Uwe Gerber has been named vice president of operations for Behr America, a leading supplier of automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems.

Gerber will be responsible for Behr America’s manufacturing operations and logistics according to Dr. Wilm Uhlenbecker, president and CEO.

A member of Behr America’s executive committee, Gerber previously managed Behr’s production facilities in Pforzheim, Germany. A career-long employee of Behr, his previous responsibilities have included assignments in product development and at Behr’s customer center.

“Uwe’s extensive background and experience with Behr will be a great asset for Behr America,” Uhlenbecker said.  “He brings a wide-ranging perspective of the impact of all phases of the supply chain, key performance indicators and customer satisfaction, which will greatly benefit not only Behr but our customers and key suppliers as well.”

Gerber attended Esslingen University and holds a degree in industrial engineering.

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