Beal Group launches CityFARM


tAnn Arbor — The Beal Group has launched CityFarm, a company offering the design, installation, and maintenance of urban farms. An urban farm is any urban or suburban space that is used for growing food. This could be a backyard raised bed, a patio container garden, or a ½ acre community garden. CityFARM has different sized urban farm packages that include everything you need from design to installation to grow a season’s worth of food in your backyard. 

tCityFARM offers free at home consultation to assess a potential clients property and plan an urban farm for specifically tailored for the property. CityFARM offers both standardized complete urban farm packages, all services are completely customizable to fit a clients vision and budget. They also provide organic gardening, cooking, canning, and composting classes for individuals or groups.

tCityFARM is also giving back to the community through their social mission, fighting hunger one CityFARM at a time. CityFARM is creating a urban farm in the heart of downtown Ypsilanti at 103 N. Adams. The Adams Street Farm will serve as a demonstration garden to allow those interested in seeing what an urban farm is a chance to experience it first hand. For every garden bed the company install on a clients property the company will install one of the same size at Adams Street Farm. Then CityFARM will donate all the food grown there to a non-profit that is dedicated to feeding the hungry. With over 2,000 square feet of growing space, CityFARM could grow ~6,000 lbs. of food that will be donated to
tthose in need.

t“I believe that urban farming can help improve the environment while promoting healthy food alternatives and improving our community’s food security” said Stewart W Beal. The idea was conceived years ago by Stewart and his wife Kathi while travelling through Italy’s countryside. “Food production is extremely rewarding, and you don’t have to be a farmer to grow food for your family. With some hard work and basic gardening knowledge a urban garden can produce food all season.” said Lauren Maloney. Lauren has been an organic vegetable farmer since 2005 and is extremely excited to work for CityFARM.

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