Bbk, International Business Advisory Firm, Announces Creation of Performance Improvement, LLC


SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — January 26, 2010 — BBK, an international business advisory firm providing services across a wide range of industries, today announced the creation of Performance Improvement, LLC. Performance Improvement will help companies improve the quality, delivery and cost associated with their operational performance outside of the traditional BBK framework.

“We recognize a rich possibility to bring new opportunities to clients and companies seeking an in-depth focus on rapid and sustainable improvement in manufacturing operations,” said Bill Diehl, chief executive officer of BBK.

Guy Morgan, a 30-year veteran of plant management operations, will lead Performance Improvement. His team will serve manufacturing clients in private equity, aerospace, automotive supplier and broader industry segments.

“Performance Improvement will create a structure for clients so they will be prepared to handle the fast-changing economic landscape and prepare for the days ahead,” said Morgan. “We will work with companies to assess operations and offer advice and recommendations on how to drive profitability through things like improving manufacturing quality, delivery and cost to conducting sustainable operational and VA/VE services.”

Morgan said that many companies do not have best practices in place for their entire process that would help them manage through these difficult times. “One of the chief challenges facing companies now is how they can ramp up their operations and production after having cut costs so dramatically during the recent recession.”

Performance Improvement follows a set of relatively strict, multistep guidelines for assessing a client’s needs and providing advice. After an initial assessment of a client’s needs, the firm provides in-depth analysis to the client and can engage Performance Improvement to help implement these changes.

Performance Improvement already has completed a number of engagements far beyond our perceived niche. These include: Increasing throughput by 263% for a Hybrid Battery Supplier; identifying $1.6 million in cost reductions in just nine weeks for an Aerospace Supplier and identifying $33 million in savings during an acquisition due diligence for a significant Private Equity Firm.

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