Barton Malow Announces New Executive Leadership Team


Michigan-based Barton Malow Co. has announced its new team of executive leaders as part of the firm’s reorganization effort. With the exception of Ryan Maibach, president and CEO, the entire executive leadership team has new roles: Chuck Binkowski is COO, Alex Ivanikiw is LIFTbuild managing director, Lars Luedeman is CFO, Tom Porter is executive vice president, and MaryAnn Kanary is chief legal officer. The new team was chosen in an effort to advance the firm through acquisitions, investments, and a business model.

Maibach became CEO in 2011, making him the fourth generation of the family-controlled, employee-owned enterprise. In 2012, the firm began working toward a long-term goal to double efficiency and provide a competitive client value proposition by 2024. The reorganization is one of the company’s strategies to achieve this goal. Under Maibach’s leadership, revenues of the company more than doubled.

“Change in the construction industry is coming, and we have a responsibility to question the way we have delivered construction in the past for a better delivery model in the future,” says Maibach.

Chuck Binkowski

Binkowski began his career in the construction trades industry 37 years ago as a laborer. He advanced to general superintendent and oversaw every phase of construction for Barton Malow projects across Michigan. In 2005, he was promoted to general manager of the firm’s Oak Park location, where he managed the company’s equipment assets and concrete services operations. Binkowski was named vice president in 2009 and was responsible for industrial and energy work. He later rose to senior vice president of the central region.

Alex Ivanikiw

Ivanikiw is in charge of the recently formed LIFTbuild affiliate, which transforms how vertical structures are constructed by using innovations in prefabrication and a dynamic building process to bring certainty, velocity, value, and safety to projects.

After serving as a facility manager in the automotive industry for 10 years, Ivanikiw joined Barton Malow in 1989. He has had a variety of executive positions at Barton Malow and has secured major construction programs such as the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

Lars Luedeman

Following 16 years in the investment banking industry, Luedeman joined Barton Malow in 2012 as director of finance. He was a consultant and, using his financial analyst experience at Goldman Sachs and Grant Thornton, helped clients realize their financial potential.

In his new role as chief financial officer, Luedeman will combine his consulting and in-house experience to strengthen the firm’s finances and support the company’s future plans for growth.

Tom Porter

Porter came to Barton Malow in 1998 as general counsel from his previous role as a trial and appellate attorney. He left the firm in 2009 to begin his own business venture as a risk management consultant and wrote a book titled Profit, Risk & Leadership: The Business of Construction & Design-Build. Porter returned to Barton Malow in early 2017.

Porter’s goal is to make all of Barton Malow’s employees feel connected to the organization. The workforce engagement team he heads comprises functions that impact the company’s 2,000+ employees such as safety, human resources, systems, marketing and communications, workforce development, and labor management.

MaryAnn Kanary

Kanary began at Barton Malow in 2005, when she served for eight years as assistant general counsel. Following this, she was associate general counsel and director of global legal compliance at Cooper Standard before rejoining Barton Malow. She is responsible for risk management, compliance, and enterprise legal affairs. In her new role, Kanary will lead the company’s enterprise risk and insurance programs and support expansion efforts that leverage the firm’s strengths.

Barton Malow was founded in 1924 and is a 100 percent American-owned contractor serving North America in market specialties that include commercial, industrial, education, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, sports, and entertainment facilities. The firm has more than 2,000 employees and 16 offices.