Barton and Marlow Fills Key Leadership Positions


SOUTHFIELD — Barton Malow Co. has made multiple promotions for key leadership positions throughout the company.

Chuck Binkowski has been promoted to senior vice president and to Barton Malow’s board of directors. He has led Barton Malow in some of its most significant projects and programs with clients such as DTE Energy, Consumers Energy and Severstal North America. With more than 33 years at Barton Malow, he has helped transition the organization through critical changes within the central region as his leadership has grown from general manager and director of self perform services, director to vice president of industrial and energy markets, and now as senior vice president of Barton Malow with a focus on central region operations which includes all Midwestern states as well as national markets and clients.

Joe Benvenuto, promoted to vice president, with 15 years at Barton Malow, has served as the company’s self-perform services as a project manager and superintendent for major industrial and energy programs. Previously as senior director and now vice president, Benvenuto will continue to lead efforts with major energy clients and projects nationally. Joe serves on two AGC Michigan negotiating committees for the operators and laborers as well as carpenters. He also is a member of the Construction Industry Institute’s Productivity Research Committee.

Sue Rogers, promoted to vice president, has been a part of the the company’s leadership for 28 years, implementing numerous enterprise systems for the company as well as quality standards. Sue is a central part of the company’s  partnering and strategic planning with key clients, architects and engineers.

Bruce Rysztak, now a vice president, has led the company’s major projects with all of its domestic automotive clients for the past 27 years, including General Motors, Chrysler, and Delphi. Rysztak recently completed major programs for General Motors in Baltimore, Maryland, and Arlington, Texas as well as Mexico and is now focused on work at the plants in Saginaw and Pontiac. As Vice President, Rysztak will lead efforts in working with General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler.

Jennifer Sulak Brown, now a vice president,  has focused on the company’s workforce development program over the past seven years, through growing leadership development programs, workforce planning strategy, and employee engagement initiatives as well as talent recruitment efforts. Jennifer serves as research chair for the Construction Industry Institute’s Research Committee addressing craft labor demographics and their influence on project performance.

Vice President Ron Torbert Esq., now a part of the the board of directors,  as vice president and general counsel for the company’s legal, risk, and insurance management team, Ron’s focus is contract review and negotiation as well as litigation oversight. Ron is a member of the Legal Aid and Defender Association of Detroit.

Ben Maibach III will continue to serve as chairman and CEO, while Doug Maibach will assume the role of vice chairman of the company’s board of directors.