Baraja Hires Paul Eichenberg as CSO and Jim Kane as VP of Automotive Engineering

Paul Eichenberg and Jim Kane headshots
Left: Paul Eichenberg, Right: Jim Kane. // Courtesy of Baraja

Detroit Based Spectrum-Scan LiDAR company Baraja has hired Paul Eichenberg and Jim Kane to their team in an effort to reach global-scale LiDAR adoption into vehicles from all car manufacturers. Eichenberg will serve as chief strategy officer and Kane will serve as vice president of automotive engineering.

Eichenberg, formerly vice president of corporate development and strategy at Magna Electronics, has more than a decade’s worth of experience in shaping the company’s strategy to best consult various companies on the latest car technologies and devices. Because of his large and diverse network of car suppliers and manufactures, he will be able to expand Baraja’s partner and customer base.

“Baraja has a clear and unfair advantage in a field with few legitimate long-range LiDAR developers. I’ve been excited by the possibilities made available by the range, resolution and performance Baraja’s technology is capable of,” says Eichenberg. “LiDAR is a crucial aspect in the move to autonomous vehicles and I am very excited to be part of enabling that future through Baraja’s unmatched technology.”

Previously, Kane served as the global vice president of engineering at Magna Electronics. There, he worked to implement various safety autonomous driving features in all cars alike. Kane, drawing in more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the car and mobility industry from Magna and Daimler Chrysler, will immensely benefit Baraja’s plan to equip the future of autonomous vehicles with Spectrum-ScanTM LiDAR.

“I have thoroughly evaluated the competition in the market, but I didn’t quite expect two telecommunications engineers from Australia to be at the forefront of automotive LiDAR.” Kane says. “As soon as I saw it in action, I knew Baraja’s technology was like nothing else available in the market. LiDAR will enable true autonomous driving and I believe Baraja has the best technology to enable Level 4 autonomy.”

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