Bank of America Honors Eastern Market and Focus: HOPE


DETROIT — The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has named Eastern Market and Focus: HOPE as recipients of the 2013 Neighborhood Builders award.

The program is a strategic investment that couples leadership training with a $200,000 unrestricted grant for high-performing nonprofits that have made a significant impact addressing needs related to community development, critical needs or workforce development and education. Nonprofit leaders gain valuable skills and apply funding where it is most needed for maximum local impact.

“We recognize the important role Eastern Market and Focus: HOPE play in serving our most vulnerable residents and ensuring better lives for so many in our community,” said Matt Elliott, president, Bank of America for Michigan. “The leadership training and funding will not only deepen their impact today, but sustain their mission and services over time.

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation gave approximately $3 million in grants and sponsorships to nonprofits and community programs across Michigan last year. The grants and sponsorships are part of a targeted giving initiative to address issues related to jobs, food programs and shelter, and provide longer term solutions that promote financial wellness through access to benefits and resources.

“We are committed to supporting local nonprofits that make a difference in the communities where we live and work,” Elliott said. “The grants and sponsorships we support assist these organizations in meeting the region’s most critical needs while supporting innovative programs and integrated services that help address the crucial needs of our residents.”